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Four, 100% grass-fed, humanely raised steers for beef are available! Make your deposit for this succulent meat now!

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​May 12, 2019

100% Grass Fed, Humanely Raised Yearling Calves

What our Cattle Ranch Looks Like

In 1915 my great great grandparents, Lillie and Claude Everett, homesteaded our ranch. My younger brother and I are the 6th generation to live here in Mancos. In the summer of 2017, my family was awarded the Historic Colorado Centennial Ranch certificate. My family has ranched for over 100 years on our 370-acre ranch. Each summer we put up hay to feed in the winter months. In 

 the fall we wean the calves.  I raise four of my own until they are 18 months old. This ensures their health and weight prosperity. In the spring new calves are born and the process begins again. 

What Purchasing Beef Here Means

Purchasing beef here means that your meat lived a happy life without pain or stress. Furthermore, my yearlings ate lush grass and drank clear fresh flowing water. Purchasing beef here means you spared a life of misery and fear on a factory farm where calves never knew their mother. 

Purchasing beef here is easy. I have written invoices and prepared articles for you that ensure simple steps. To find this information, go to the Question and Answer page.

 In first grade, at age seven, I read a book called "Hope." "Hope," is a book about a pig in a factory farm, (hear more on the Kunekune Pig page). The tragedy of factory farming pork expanded to
 broiler hens, egg-laying hens and then veal and dairy cows. Going to my grandfather's ranch every week, and seeing our happy, roaming cattle eating real grass, I was horrified. For a time, I would not eat any meat, eggs or milk without  seeing the words "humanely raised." From age seven

 to thirteen, I knew I needed to act broader. I began raising my first heifer in the summer of 2014. In the spring of 2016, I started raising my three steer calves. 
Finally, purchasing beef here means that I can get money to go to college. I want to be a large animal ethologist that works with understanding animal behavior and teach people about
respecting and caring for animals. 

Please go to the Question and Answer page or contact me for more information. Thank you! 

​Why you should Purchase our Beef

Our Cattle:
  • Rotate through pastures getting plenty of exercises.
  • Graze on fresh hay in the winter. In the winter the ice in the ditches is broken.
  • Live happy content lives. They often get apple treats and like to be scratched.
  • Enjoy life.

Yearling Calves for Sale 
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Beef For Sale
​$3 per lbs.

Make a deposit for next years steers today!

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